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Entering Where You Want To Travel From / To

The first stage of planning a journey is to enter the name of the place (city/town/village) that you would like your journey to start from - eg Durham.

If you know the name of the street or stop you are starting from, enter this in the second box. (eg North Road or Bus Station). If you donít know exactly which stop you want you can leave the asterisk (*) in the box - when you submit your enquiry the journey planner will offer you a list of stops that will help you refine your enquiry. Choose the stop you want and click on Submit again. Enter the name of the place (city/town/village) that you wish to travel to eg Cramlington. Enter details of the place you want to to travel to in the same way.

Other Journey Details

Choose your departure or arrival time in the box indicated. The list uses the 24 hour clock. This means times after mid-day have 12 added to them eg for 2.00pm enter 14.00; for 8.30pm enter 20.30. Times before mid-day are show as 08.30 (8.30am); 11.00 (11am). Donít forget to select whether you want to arrive by or depart at the stated time. Choose the date you would like to travel from the drop down list of dates covered by the journey planner.

TIP - if you are trying to plan a journey at a date well in the future, you may find you need to select an earlier date that is within the range available in the journey planner, and check your journey again nearer the date you intend to travel. Although services can change, in practice many bus services stay substantially unchanged for long periods.

You can select the modes of travel you want included in the search. All modes are included by default but any can be removed by clicking on the tick. When have been entered details of the journey you wish to make, click on the submit button or press enter on your keyboard.

Clarifying Any Choices

If any of the places you have entered do not find a match in the journey planner, or if you have left the steert/stop fields empty, you will get a page Where you will be offered the nearest matches that the system can find. Click on the down arrow to see the list of choices, and click to select the one you want.

TIP - if you donít see the town/village that you want, click on "revise" and try an alternative request such as using a suburb name instead of a town name eg instead of cities.

If there is nothing left to clarify, when you click Submit you will get a page showing a summary of the the journeys matching your enquiry, with details further down the page. The solutions will show the fastest way of making your journey, and other journeys before and after the required time, where available. The solutions will highlight the fastest way of making the journey, regardless of the number of changes between legs, but any slower ways of making the journey that have fewer changes will also be shown.

You can see more details about the journeys shown by selection Stops (a list of all stops on the journey) or Table (a small table showing alternative times). Additional information is shown in the form of symbols that are explained at the bottom of the page or alternatively by holding the mouse cursor over the symbol itself a small box giving an explanation will also appear.

TIP - if you enter a date well in the future, check your journey nearer the date of travel in case services have changed. All types of transport are included by default. If you wish to restrict the types of transport, click in the appropriate box to remove the tick. Note that ĎFlightí covers UK internal flights

If you want to revise your departure time, then click on Earlier or Later at the top of the page (if there are no other journeys available these options will be crossed out).  If you want to revise other details of your enquiry - perhaps to use a different stop, or to restrict the journeys to buses only - then click on Revise at the top of the solutions page. This will take you back into the earlier pages so you can revise your enquiry and submit it again. If you want a return journey simply select Return. This will start a new enquiry with the boxes already filled in with the return journey - revise the time and date as appropriate and subit your enquiry again.

You can start the whole journey planning process again and return to the first screen by selecting New.

TIPS - suburbs of larger towns will usually be found under the name of the suburb. e.g enter Jesmond, not Newcastle. Places in the centre of main towns in Tyne and Wear will be found under a separate section for the centres e.g. Newcastle (city centre), Gateshead (centre). If you leave the stop/ street box empty, you will be offered choices after you submit your enquiry.  If you wish to go via a particular place, enter the town/village/suburb name here. If you leave the stop/street box empty, choices will be offered later. Select the time and date you wish to travel, and whether you want to arrive or depart at this time.

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A few tips; plan your route well in advance, keep an eye out for traffic news on the big day, pack lots of water for the journey and if you are travelling with children, bring along an audio book to keep them entertained.

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